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Game Link: Malund Adventure.

every universe has a malund, we've only seen one malund in an ocean of blue stick people. here we see malund take flight, or more accurately, take run...? after red martians arrive on what we assume is earth, the government cannot fathom taking them on, and its up to malund and his trusty robot sidekick atuhm to kick those aliens back where they came! using a brand new palette of powers and abilities and some bing bing wahoos, its one hell of a game. for the explorative types, (a.k.a virgins) you can seek out secrets, such as secret bosses, and especially secret stages. theres multiple endings to find, each with varying levels of satisfaction.

this is the game:

>the game is pretty good, heres some features, both upcoming and already added:

  • bend over button
  • a boss battle against a foot fetish demon
  • big gameplay
  • unique levels
  • brown bricks
  • absolutely zero omori references

Discord Server Link: This Link.

Youtube Channel Link: This Link.

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